A message from the spirit world.

Don’t worry dear reader, I’m not jumping onto the Good Ship Mother’s ruin, instead I’m having a look over several articles on the rise of small craft gin makers and what the future holds.

Of course one reason why there is more gin kicking about is because it takes time to make whisky and several distilleries have popped up over the last few years, most have a long term plan to make whisky its main source of income but as we all know whisky takes time to mature, especially in cold climes, so producing gin, vodka and other spirits.
I have decided to take a look at four distilleries and then a couple of separate articles again on different cocktails for your drinking pleasure.
The four distilleries I’ll be looking at are.
Kingbarns, based in Fife.
The Glasgow Distillery, based in Glasgow. 
Eden Mill, based in St, Andrews
and finally,
Adnams, based in Southwold, Suffolk. 
For all of them I’ll have a look and what they’re doing and their plans for the future and a more in depth look at a handful of products from each, everything from New Make Spirit, through gin, whisky and even Absinthe.
First up will be Adnams, purely because I’ve been drinking three of their spirits for the last couple of weeks.

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