Tomatin Water 46%

Water is a terrible name for a bottle of whisky, I mean I get it, I know it’s part of the five elements of making whisky but water, I mean, no one says water and thinks “that sounds a mighty whisky” but don’t be fooled because this is a fierce dram.

This is bottled at 46% and has the usual non chill filtered and natural colour stuff happening, it’s part of the Five Virtues series, I took this with a tiny drop of water and it’s “limited” to 6000 bottles.

Thanks to Tomatin for the sample and the invite to the launch party.

And sorry but this won’t be out until later in the year, possibly next, but I’ll do my best to remember to re post just before it’s launched as it’s a bottle I’ll be buying for drinking with like minded friends.

This was my other favourite from the launch evening, it’s a mixture of bourbon and sherry barrels and I took a drop or two of water with this.

Nose. Sherried fruit, plump boozy sultanas and cherries, orange rind, vanilla and lots of brown sugar and lemon tea.

Palate. This is a real sweety of a drink, orange and lemon barley sweets, warm rich oak, thick, creamy sweet sherry, Irn Bru Bon Bons (which are a thing by the way), cookie dough and sherbet.

Finish. Sweet and medium length, the bourbon notes linger longer.

That is my final look at the Five Virtues series, I’ll re post these reviews when each bottle is released and as I’ll be buying them I’ll have another look and see if I can find something else.

The Captain.

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