Tomatin Metal 46%

Another Tomatin from the Tomatin Five Virtues range thanks again to Tomatin for the sample and my notes are taken from both the sample and from the notes I scribbled down at the launch party.

This won’t actually be released until as late as next year but my my is this an excellent bottle of whisky.

46%, it’s non chill filtered with no colouring, so that’s nice and is matured in Bourbon barrels and gosh can you tell.

Nose. Dried raspberries covered in yogurt and then BOOM, all the white chocolate, a touch of water and it’s pure Milky bar, sweet strawberry candyfloss, icing sugar and brown sugar slowly melting in butter with a vanilla pod.

Palate. Vanilla and white chocolate, rich sweet oak, orange honey, double cream, mango juice, mixed fruit juice, it’s a white chocolate and fruit juice spectacular, a very good dram.

Fnish, long warm bourbon notes, and that white chocolate again.

An excellent dram, one of my two stand outs of the range, I am not overly familiar with Tomatin, I have tried the Legacy and I have a bottle of really old stuff that’s for another time but it certainly works in bourbon casks.

The Captain.


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