Tomatin Single Malt "Earth" 46%

The first time I tasted this I really didn’t get on with it, it was at the launch thing and I think I had already had a few tasters and a cocktail or two and just didn’t feel the love for a peated whisky so I approached the sample sent to me by Tomatin with caution.

I also didn’t get along with the Tomatin Cu Bocan which is another Tomatin peated effort.

This again is part of the Five Virtues series and will be released at some point later in the year. It’s bottled at 46% and I took a tiny wee drop of water to get the best out of this. 
Nose. Candyfloss just off the whatever the thing that makes candyfloss is called, smoldering grass, sandy beaches with a light breeze, it feels young too, younger than the last two but not rough, unripe cooking apples and a faint buttery note.
Palate. Younger than on the nose, salted butter, bread that you’ve dropped off the barbecue onto the wet grass, touch of smoked sugar and then the sweetness comes on later in the form of brown sugar.
Finish. A touch of smoke and sweetness but the young edge lingers a little too long.
This is excellent on the nose but the palate lets it down a little bit but I can’t quite put my finger on.
The Captain.

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