Tomatin Single Malt "Fire" 46%

My second look at the Tomatin Five Virtues series this time the heavily charred Fire version, it’s another NAS, as the full range is, but you can find out more by contacting Tomatin via their website.

I took a touch of water in my drams but not much, maybe a tea spoon.
It’s bottled at 46% is non chill filtered and all that jazz.
Nose. Gosh, it’s all a bit burnt around the edges is this, barbecued pineapple and orange, tonnes of burnt sugar and a touch of cinnamon iced bun.
Palate. Sweetness touched with more burnt stuff, it’s not at all bad, well fired short crust pasty covered with caster sugar (you can have that one) hob nobs, the cinnamon ice bun makes a return to the palate and is joined fresh orange juice with a stick of burnt wood in for a mixer, it’s a breakfast dram, oooooh very continental. 
Finish. Lingering with a warm milk feel, but with brown sugar and some ash in it.
The Captain.