Tomatin Single Malt "Wood" 46%

Part of the Five Virtues series this is one of the first to be released with the rest coming out over the next year or so, I’ll be reviewing them all now, thanks to the launch night memories and the samples sent to me by Tomatin I will be reviewing them all and then sharing again when each bottle appears.

This bottle is produced from French, American and Hungarian Oak is bottled at 46% and is non chill filtered.
This doesn’t carry an age statement but if you contact Tomatin via their website they will furnish you with more information.
It is about fifty pounds.
I think this needs more water than the rest, probs about two tea spoons per dram. 
It also needs a good fifteen minutes in the glass.
Nose. Initial hint of spicy oak and aniseed make way over time to reveal orange rind and burnt, but pleasant, sugar, palm sugar later on and the aniseed or maybe star anise return to finish things off, it’s almost like mulled wine. 
Palate. Vanilla at first, quite a bit of it too, orange and barely sweets, icing sugar and muscovado sugar and dates, touch of lime at the end.
Finish. Nice and relaxed thing, leaves a warmed orange juice and aniseed feel, very nice. 
This is very decent, I’d say, if I had too, that it’s about twelve years old on average, it sort of has that feel to it.
The Captain

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