North Star Bruichladdich Family Cask 11 Year Old 60.6%

This is a whisky which will never be bottled, it’s a privately cask I was luck enough to get a a couple of drams from thanks to North Star Whisky.

It’s bottled at 60.6% and I added a few drops of water but not too much, it didn’t seem to need it, I probably took it to around 50%.

This is also the first, and possibly only Bruichladdich review you’ll ever see on Whisky Apocalypse, true story.

Nose. Toasted barley, light medicinal notes but in the background, Germolene, smoked salt, that chewing gum that came with the stick on tattoo (remember them?) dried strawberries and very faint whiffs of icing sugar but you need to leave it in the glass for a good hour for that to develop and then bitters, it’s a bit like a really good Old Fashioned.

Palate. Barley again, warm brown seeded bread and barely sweets, loads of plump booze soaked sultanas and a rich sherry bomb hitting me all over the place. Syrup soaked cocktail cherries and orange rind, it’s an ever changes beast and just a joy.

Finish. A beautiful rich and long finish, this is a belter of a whisky that leaves a rich sherry and fruit coating that lasts forever.

Genuinely one of the finest whiskies I’ve tried this year in what is slowly becoming a cracking year for discovering new drams.

The Captain.

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