North Star Arran 20 Year Old 51.9%

I’m not overly familar with Arran, I’ve only tried one, once, and it was very nice from what I remember, although I may have been very very drunk.

I’ve taken my time with this, I have mulled over my sample over two nights and taken around an hour with each glass, it’s bottled at 51.9% but only needs a drop of water, any more and it just breaks to bits.

Nose. A red wine feel at first, flat cola, oak, stewed apples with lots of butter.

Palate. Tropical fruit mix, lots of tinned pineapple and tinned mixed fruit, vanilla ice cream, hints of something spicy too.

Finish, Long and warm, it leaves a strange sweetness I cannot put my finger on but I’ll say strawberry sherbert, the sort you get in those long straws.

I’d buy this if I could find it, but I can’t, it’s an interesting dram, not one for drinking with friends perhaps, maybe one to be drinking alone and having a good old think about things.

The Captain.

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