North Star Whisky Glenrothes 20 Year Old 54.6%

Another day another North Star, this time the Glenrothes 20 Year Old bottled at the lovely 54.6% and limited to under three hundred bottles which is proper limited.

I have received a wee sample of this from North Star and I have once again added a good splash of water to settle this down, it really benefits from half an hour in the glass before going near it.

Nose. Good quality olive oil, grassy at first but opens up to a lovely chocolate and vanilla ice cream nose, freshly chopped ginger, double cream and a little stewed tea.

Palate. Lots of cream, butter and orange rind, comes along nicely to give me some sweet cherry and fruit lemon and orange.

Finish. Medium finish wee bit of spirit as it goes down but softens to a nice mix of chocolate spread and dried strawberries.

Lovely stuff, it’s probably all sold out now but if you do see it pick a bottle up, and give some to me.

The Captain.

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