North Star Port Dundas 12 Year Old 58.8%

I’m rather late to the party regarding these reviews so you might find this has sold out in stores but you never know and it’s worth doing the review because it’s a very decent bottle and I’m doing my best to big up Independent bottlers.

Port Dundas is a grain distillery, or rather was, it’s not been producing spirit since 2010 so every bottle that’s consumed means there is one less bottle with nothing being produced to replace it although Diageo no doubt have millions of litres sitting about so I’m sure we’ll see plenty of over priced “limited edition, ultra rare” bottles over the next few years.
North Star are a Glasgow based Independent bottler who have brought out several actual limited edition bottles with another ten scheduled for release over the next year or so, so what this space or follow North Star on Twitter or Facebook.
This is a review based on a sample I received from North Star, it is bottled at a blustering 58.8% and I added a fair wee bit of water to this, probably around 25%.
Nose. I have to say this had a real heady spirit note for a good half an hour but it does settle down to reveal superb bourbon style notes, warm honey, vanilla and chili flakes. Hints of lime and perhaps a soupcon of coriander. 
Palate. Strawberry Bon bons, I think, lots of powdery icing sugar, little touch of burnt sugar too, bitter lemon and roasted hazelnuts, wee bit of chocolate.
Finish. Short finish, lemon Bon bons and a little bit of grain, which you’d expect.
This instantly reminded me of a really nice moonshine style whiskey I had last year, it’s sweet and strong and honey tastic and if you do find it then you’ll enjoy it immensely, if you like grain whisky that is.
The Captain.

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