Cadenhead Creations Light Creamy Vanilla 17 Year Old Blend 46%

Most of you will know that I moved house recently and when I did I treated myself to some bottles of whisky as a wee treat for saving so hard to be able to buy such a nice place for my daughter to grow up in. Anyway, I bought a few bottles I knew would be excellent and I bought a few bottles as a punt, it’s important to sometimes take a risk and buy something different from the norm and as I’m trying to explore as many Independent bottlers as I can this year one of the bottles I plumped for on a whim was this, a 17 year old blend from Cadenhead’s and I’ll say this now, this is my find of the year so far, it’s just superb.

This remember is a 17 year old whisky for under fifty quid with no added nonsense and bottled at 46% it works a treat with just a drop of water but can easily be taken neat.
Nose. The name is somewhat misleading, this has Ardmore in it and has smoky notes coming through, needs a while in the glass to open up but the vanilla and honey comes on later, slight rum feel and some crisp green apples.
Palate. Touch of smoke again but a very creamy mouthful, vanilla and honey again and a tiny amount of white pepper.
Finish. Medium and warm, the smoke fades to leave a treacle note.
This is honestly one of the best whiskies I’ve had in years, it is a great whisky for just sipping and relaxing with but with enough going on to get you thinking too, and a cracking price.
The Captain.

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