Smokin’ The Gentleman’s dram from Duncan Taylor 40%

I think I might have found the new Black Bottle.

For those unaware Black Bottle used to be a wonderful smoky blend, under twenty quid and so full of flavour but then they changed the mix and now it’s rubbish, in my opinion, and I’ve been searching for a well priced peaty blend for a couple of years now.
To be fair Black, now Smoky, Grouse is decent enough, a great mixer certainly, but it lacks something, perhaps a little too much grain to smooth things out, but now I’ve stumbled upon this and I’ll admit that it was a pure punt based on a liking of other Duncan Taylor bottles.
This is bottled at 40% costs under twenty five pounds, it has no age statement, it may be coloured, it may have chill filtration and I’ve tried this neat and with water and I prefer this with a tiny splash of water.
Nose. Freshly lit barbecue and just spun candyfloss, that nice mix of smoke and sweet I adore, a touch of citrus zest lots of charred wood and a touch of medicinal. 
Palate. The smoke is overwhelming at first but quickly settles into a sweeter dram. melted butter with a touch of spice and baked apples with the whisp of smoke coming and going.
Finish. Smoke with white pepper and a touch of milk chocolate.
Yeah folks, this is very nice indeed especially at the price.
The Captain. 

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