Ironroot Republic Hubris 58.9%

Better late than never I bring to you my thoughts on the whopping Hubris, a 58.9% cask strength behemoth, and what a dram we have.

Made in Ex Bourbon European Oak with a mash bill of 95% Yellow Corn and 5% Purple Corn.
Oh and not only has this won them yet more awards but both myself and a bourbon loving mate thought that it was cracking, thanks to the brothers Likarish at IronRoot Republic for the sample.
As this is well over 50% I’d say this review used about 30% water, you can sip this neat but the real flavour comes out with dilution.

Nose. Barbecued corn with tonnes of melted butter, yeah really, sweetness too, toffee and fudge with some vanilla notes but more like a spiced rum than a sweet. If left in the glass there is a hint of aniseed and some red chilli flakes.

Palate. A mixture of sweet and spice, think of buttered toast with honey and black pepper and you’re on the right path. Some nutmeg, clove, thyme and then oak, vanilla and double cream.

Finish. Wee touch of smoke, bitter chocolate and treacle.

This is a complex dram for something I assume is pretty young, it needs a load of time in the glass and the added water brings out so much flavour you’d be mad to just swig this back.

The Captain.


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