Edinburgh Whisky Ben Nevis and Ardmore

Two things, firstly, I am not being paid for this, in fact the chaps who own and run Edinburgh Whisky don’t even know I’m doing this and secondly I’m mentioning the first bit because I don’t often do these wee mini adverts for new products but this is a hardworking firm trying their best to bring us good quality whisky for a fair price with all the non chill filtration and no added colour that we are demanding these days and I feel they are worth my support.

So, two new bottles then, at once, ooft.

First off is a twenty year old Ben Nevis from a single cask and bottled at 46% and then we are treated to a fifteen year Ardmore, also bottled from a single cask at 46% which I’m particularly looking forward to getting my hands on because I’m a big fan of Ardmore and I’ve never tried an indiependent bottling.

So if you’re looking for age statement whiskies with no added nonsense and no chilly willies and bottled at 46% then these could well be for you, but if not then it’s just more for me.

They will be available this week from several online outlets and when I find out where then I’ll let you all know.

You can check out the boys below and you totally should.

The Captain.




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