An evening with Tomatin and Friends

It’s not often I get invited to whisky events, not because I’m an arsehole, hopefully, but because I’m in Glasgow and most of these things tend to be in London and even when I am invited I never have the time so this was a bit of a treat from the off.

So I stumbled along to a cool wee venue in Glasgow after a long shift a little bit tired to be treated to some excellent chat, fine artwork and a few very nifty whiskies, oh and cocktails too which is never a good thing on a school night.
As little nibbles on trays were passed around, which were awesome, and whisky glasses handed around to the various whisky types and media darlings I took a few minutes so familiarise myself with the five bottles that Tomatin will be releasing over the next twelve to eighteen months (a little note here, two are already out and the remainder will follow until as late as next spring).
Out of the five two were excellent and the rest all very reasonable but it would be unfair to do any kind of actual review but I’ll do my best to get samples in advance and I’ll certainly be buying two of the five although these are the two which will be released last.
Oh and these are “limited” to 6000 bottles which is pushing the word limited a wee bit but I’ll let them off because anything under 20000 seems to get classed as limited these days. 
So, here is an attempt a mini review which come from the handful of poorly scribbled tasting notes.
For clarification all of these are bottled at 46% with no chill filtration, they are also all Non Aged Statement and will all be around fifty pounds a bottle, if you do want more in depth details about what’s in your bottle then contact Tomatin and all email and website stuff will be at the bottom of the piece, and you should, but not before you’ve finished reading here, okay? Okay.

Wood is a simple sipping dram, it benefited from a little water, oak and rich warm spices on the nose, cinnamon rolls covered with icing sugar was what I typed into my phone but I was a little tired, taste wise lemon and orange peel, more wood (I guess the clues in the name) and a hint of sweetness, very decent but I really need to get to grips with these properly.

Fire. Nose is all caramel and burnt sugar, clove and custard tarts with nutmeg, The palate was robust, baking apples in lots of brown sugar and salted butter, was another sipper to relax in front of the fire with.
Earth. I’ll be honest, I didn’t get on with this, it was probably very nice but I wasn’t in the right frame of mind for peated loveliness so I’ll leave this one here and I promise I’ll get some from somewhere near its release date and get back to you with a fair review because I suspect it’s decent dram.

Metal, Oh aye, now we’re talking, I had a great chat with Alistair Mutch who was holding court at the Metal stand and his passion for the spirit was clear. It was a great whisky, light and easy drinking, I would say smooth if I hadn’t banned that word from my vocabulary, it was full of white chocolate, actually it was milky bar in a glass, with some cracking icing sugar and candyfloss notes, it was a joy to nose and drink, I may have taken a little bit too much but jeezo this was perfect, I was begging to buy a bottle but we’ll all have to wait until release date which might not be until the end of the year, noooooooooooooooooooo.
Water. Another of my two favourites, so much happening and needed a touch of water, a combination of sherry butts and bourbon barrels it had a beautiful sweetness and I will be doing a proper review of this in time but I just didn’t take enough notes to do this justice here so I won’t but “this is magic” seemed to feature a lot in my notes to myself. 
A special mention too to the artist Eva Ullrich who had been commissioned by Tomatin to create artworks which convey the dedication and passion which went into creating these drams and her paintings are beautiful, evocative and thought provoking, if I had the money I would buy them all.

Thanks to Tomatin and McFrank for inviting me along, good to chat with some familiar faces too.
The Captain.

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  1. Ooh, I got an invite to this too but it was such a busy week I had to turn it down at the last minute. I do like the idea of pairing the different blends with bespoke artwork, so I'm glad you enjoyed that element.

    I know fuck all about whisky of course, so I wonder if I would have been able to tell the difference between each of the five blends… 😉

    Lis / last year's girl x


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