Ironroot Republic Harbinger 58.3%

58.3% and it’s not even the strongest of the range, it’s a dark broody spirit and no mistake and another cracker from the Likarish brothers.

The second of the three part Ironroot Republic new release whisky series, this monster is made up, from those who are interested from the following;

90% Yellow Corn
5% Purple Corn
5% Bloody Butcher Corn.

It is made from 50% Virgin European Oak and 50% Virgin American Oak.

As with most whiskies I allowed this to sit in the glass for a while with some water, I gradually added more water and my notes come from three nights of sipping.

Nose, Salted caramel and some heady vanilla cream notes, bourbon biscuits and some heavily charred wood, there is also a lovely faint whiff of really good woody maple syrup too if you give it some proper time in the glass.

Palate. Strong at first, even with water it’s a real skull attack, it does settle down, a bit, but it’s still powerful, rummy and sweet, touch of booze soaked raisins and aniseed but aniseed balls covered with icing sugar if that’s a thing, and if not it should be, little bit of liqourice and also what I can only describe as the burning hatred of Satan after I took too much a swig with too little water.

Finish. Woody with a touch of nutmeg and some clove.

A rough and ready dram, it’s fierce and can take your breath away but with time and water it becomes a very interesting dram.

The Captain.


1 Comment

  1. Is this a typo? Did you mean 50% Virgin American Oak?

    “It is made from 50% Virgin European Oak and 50% Virgin European Oak.”


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