Ironroot Republic Promethan Bourbon 51.5%

This is the first of three reviews from the Ironroot Republic Distillery and I’m starting with the lowest strength and working my way up, yeah, this is 51.5% and is the lowest of the three, it’s been that kind of week.

Iron Root flew onto my radar after they launched a joint bottling with Berry Bros and Rudd, the Texas Legation, and I was delighted when they agreed to ship me over three samples of their new range of whiskies and I’m finally getting around to reviewing them.

The Promethean Bourbon is made from 70% Virgin American Oak and 30% Virgin European Oak and the mash bill is as follows for those who are interested in that sort of thing.

80% Yellow Corn
5% Purple Corn
5% Bloody Butcher Corn
5% Flint Corn
5% Rye.

I looked up Bloody Butcher Corn, because who wouldn’t? And gosh it’s an exciting colour.

You can look up the brothers who own and run Ironroot here and you totally should.

Anyway, on with the review.

Nose. Without water this is fierce but a drop or two of water and a little time it settles down nicely. Charred oak and lots of burnt sugar, stewed tea, aniseed and an almost musty note. Tobacco leaf and ash come on later. There is also a level of dried fruit too but without sweetness, it’s a very dry bourbon. As a side note, if you add a lot of water a lovely fresh barely sweets note comes out, icing sugar too, very interesting dram.

Palate. Aniseed and spearmint at first, stewed tea comes in and treacle, with additional water a beautiful level of sweetness comes through icing sugar, strawberry bon bons and vanilla makes its first appearance.

Finish. Woody and dry with a lingering note of that icing sugar.

This is good stuff, I would suggest you pour a big glass of this and start with a drop of water and continue adding more until you are at 50-50 spirit to water and take a good half an hour to an hour to really explore this dram, there’s lots to be had but only if you let it sit and get some air about it.

The Captain.


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