Paul John Classic Select Cask Review 55.2%

Today I’m looking at an unpeated beast from the Indian distillery Paul John bottled at a lovely 55.2%.

Paul John has totally blown me away over the past couple of weeks, I am just stunned by how good these are and this is no exception.
This really benefits from a good twenty minutes in the glass and a drop of water, without the water and certainly without the time there is a harsh initial note that clears completely if you let it sit for a while. 
Thanks to Shilton for the sample.
For the purpose of review I had several glasses of this, all with water and left each glass for at least twenty minutes but one was left in for over an hour and it’s worth the wait. 
Nose. Big nose this, tart cooking apples, golden syrup, strawberry plant, unripe strawberry, orange rind and orange honey, Lemon peel and a bit of pink grapefruit.
Palate. Honey and nutty toffee at first then gammon with clove and honey, touch of mustard or black peppercorn, bitter chocolate and a really dark grown up fudge.
Finish. Clove and honey, touch of spearmint, medium finish.
Lovely drop this and probably the best value NAS whisky on the market, it’s just under sixty quid, if you see this buy this.
The Captain

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