Paul John Indian Single Malt Edited Lightly Peated 46%

Another look at Goa this time with a lightly peated expression from Paul John named Edited, it’s again bottled at 46% and again I’ll thank Shilton for the sample.

I took this with water and again, as I think might a theme, this needs a good while in the glass.

This contains a mixture of Indian 6 row barley, no I don’t know what that is either, and Scottish barley, just in case you’re wondering.

Nose. Barely sweets and burnt marshmallow, instant coffee, lemongrass and light vegetal notes.

Palate. Wood and Cinnamon, the smoke is there but it’s in the background with brown sugar, cane sugar spirit and lemon curd all hanging about.

Finish. Smoke lingers with a touch on spicy ginger and cola.

Lovely bottle of whisky this, sort of reminds me of Ardbeg Blasda or Ardmore Legacy in that it’s a lighter take on a peated whisky which is perfect if you fancy getting into peated expressions and it’s a great sipper for the more experienced drinker too.

The Captain.

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