Scotch Malt Whisky Society review Bottle 7.90 "Welcome Home" 54.9%

The last of the sample pack is the 7.90 “Welcome Home” or Longmorn, it’s 21 Years Old and is a hefty 54.9%

This works surprisingly well neat and with a drop of water but easy on the water it only need a drop but I will say that this needed a good twenty minutes in the glass before I went near it. 
Nose. Scented pine, like walking through a forest of Christmas trees, cut grass, custard tarts, nutmeg, clove and roasted marshmallows.
Palate. Oak and heather, sticky toffee pudding and booze soaked prunes, is that a thing? fruity jam and kola cubes, cola, dates, pears, a little cognac too. 
Finish. Leaves a warm oak taste in the mouth, a creamy mouthful too.
So that was the last of the sample pack and I have to say I’ve been impressed by what I’ve tasted so far, the whiskies have been exciting and of a decent quality too. I’m going to attempt to put out two or three reviews a month if I can, I’ll do my best. 
The Captain.

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