The Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Cask 40%

I have fond if slightly vague memories of The Macallan, you see it was my Granddad’s favourite whisky and I remember having the odd sip as a boy but it was only my Uncle John recently reminding me of his love of The Macallan that I remembered at all but my Granddad was a warm, caring, hardworking and intelligent man who is dearly missed by all who knew him so I thought I’d give him a wee mention.

So, chances are The Macallan was the first proper whisky I tried and perhaps sowed the seeds, who knows.
The Macallan though is sort of off my radar, there is no doubting many are excellent whiskies come from Macallan but they are also expensive, this 12 Year Old matured in Sherry Casks costs around sixty five pounds which is a fair amount although I guess it’s not much for a good whisky with an age statement considering how much you pay for some pretty average stuff.
It’s also off my radar because it’s one of those whiskies that collectors fight over and although I have a decent collection I’m not what anyone would call a collector or investor. 
Thanks to the Macallan and Steve Rush for the sample which I received to do a Tweet Tasting with although I had to bale out thanks to a flood issue, see what I did there? 
Nose. Sweet and sharp red apples, Sherried fruit and orange peel, figs, dates and rich melted caramel, thick whipping cream.
Palate, sherry and chocolate, cherries and cream, it’s black forest gateau in a glass, hint of salted treacle, vanilla and a tiny touch of picked sweet ginger. 
Finish. Warm and sherried, a touch of oak, nice medium length.
A lovely if a little bit expensive dram, I’m sure it will fly off the shelves. 

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