Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky Bold 46% Review

Paul John is a range of Single Malts from John Distilleries in Goa, India, a company you might not have heard of but who produce ten million cases of spirit every year, so a pretty big player.

Matured by the warm Indian coasts the whisky matures quicker so the marketing bumf says and whilst this carries no age statement it is a very solid dram.
I took this with a drop of water which I think it really needs, it also needs a while to sit in the glass, a good fifteen minutes at least, this is not one for knocking back, it’s a bottled at 46%
Thanks to Shilton at Paul John for the hefty sample.
Nose. Bay leaf and lightly smoked fish, harsh spirit at first which mellows after ten minutes in the glass, honey and earth, burnt grass and some nice orange marmalade.
Palate. Smoke and tar, obviously as this is a peated whisky, lime pickle, aniseed and clove. Little bit of coffee and after half an hour in the glass I get some mederia and demerara sugar. 
Finish. Smoke, toffee, aniseed and demerara sugar again.
This is a reasonably young whisky in my opinion but is also a superb dram, an excellent balance of sweetness and smoke, good power and a well priced too at under fifty quid. I imagine that when Paul John release 15 or 18 Year Old drams we could have a real game changer on our hands, if we don’t have already.
Give this a go, it’s really very good.
The Captain

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