Tin Cup American Whiskey 42%

Tin Cup Whiskey is an American Spirit from Colorado not a place known for its spirit production but you have this and you have Stranahan’s and both come with a wee tin cup for sipping because that’s what they used to do in those there parts, or something like that.

Cool bottle, nice wee back story if you’re into that sort of thing and well priced if you see it on offer which I did for around twenty pounds on Amazon,
Makes a very decent Old Fashioned and it takes ice well, for the review I took this neat.
Nose. Decent level of spice here, cinnamon, oak, and all spice, little bit of cumin and green tea, stewed tea and baked cooking apples.
Palate. Sweet and reasonably young but quality none the less, nice elements of orange rind, tinned pineapple and sweet crisp red apples. Touch of spice again but more clove and all spice, port soaked fruits too.
Finish. Short and to the point, rich caramel comes out for the first time and a nice spicy almost peppery finish. 
Very much worth buying as something to sit alongside one of the more well known American spirits.
Oh, and if anyone at Tin Cup is reading this, fancy doing a tie in with the Broncos? Oh I would soooo buy that.
The Captain.

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