Red Star ER GUO TOU CHIEW Chinese spirit 56%

Every now and again I like to review something that’s a bit off the beat and track and fuck me is this off the beat and track.

Er Guo Tou Chiew from the Red Star drinking company is a spirit bottled at 56% and is made from a type of grain called Sorghum, water, barely and peas, yeah peas, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

It’s also fairly expensive, a wee 100ml bottle cost me a fiver so a full bottle would set you back maybe thirty quid but I’m not sure what you’d possibly need a full bottle of this for other than a death wish perhaps?

And remember, I’m drinking this so that you don’t have too.

Did you know Er Guo Tou means Second pot head or second distillation, so this has been somewhat refined which is mind boggling.

Nose. Sweetness at first, then burnt grass, melting plastic, and something sour and I know sour is a taste but this smells sour, not sour milk though, sour something else, something from the Abyss.

Palate. Words have failed me.

Finish. Goes on forever, I needed to wash my mouth out with listerine it was that bad.

I’ve watched a couple of YouTube videos on people drinking this for a giggle but imagine the quality control guy in the place that makes this hell on Earth actually passing it for sale?

It is the worst thing that has ever past my lips and that is saying something.

Anyone want a sample?

The Captain.

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