Wemyss Malts Peat Chimney Batch Strength 57%

Wemyss Malts are a very interesting company and I’m a bit sad I’ve never got around to reviewing any of them before despite having nothing but praise for them, I think it’s because when I had a bottle of the glorious Velvet Fig and Kiln Embers I was trying to avoid reviewing whiskies which aren’t readily available, so sorry to them and you for not bringing these to you sooner.

I received three samples one of each of the Peat Chimney, The Hive and Spice King all at the higher “batch” Strength as part of a Tweet Tasting but I didn’t get the pack in time so couldn’t take part, I’ll be looking at the other two over the next few weeks.
Peat Chimney is, as you’d expect from the name, is a peated blended malt, a mixture of ten unnamed malts including malts from Islay it’s bottled at “batch” strength of 57% and is “limited” to 6000 bottles.
At 57% I took this with a few drops of water.
Nose. Freshly laid road tar, stewed tea, sweetness too, marshmallows smores just done on the bbq, little bit of gooseberry jam.
Palate. Sweeter than the nose suggests but still lots of smoke, chilli and citrus too. Settles into a fine dram, charcoal tinged barely sugars, those well fired rolls I’m always going on about, black peppercorn and some mild chilli heat too. Lemon, Lime and Orange rinds all figure here and some lemon bon bons and icing sugar. 
Finish. Chilli and smoke, little touch of sherbet. 
This is well priced at around fifty pounds and I’d give it a go if you can get hold of a bottle which is still available, at time of writing, at Wemyss Malt’s own website. 
The Captain.

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