Glenlivet Nadurra 16 Year old 60.2%

I don’t really get Glenlivet sometimes, one minute they’re taking away the glorious 12 year old and replacing it with shite or coming out with marketing led nonsense but then not only do they produce one of the best value 18 year old’s on the market (Only the Glen Moray can compete on price and quality in my opinion), but they also produce the Nadurra range which is Gaelic for natural and is the Glenlivet’s take on cask strength with no added stuff or anything chilled either.

There are several different expressions and the one I have a sample of is the 16 year old bottled at a whopping 60.2%
Nose. Lovely clean nose, unripe green apples, lemon oil, oak and honey those first fill American Oak barrels are very prominent, reminds me of an excellent bourbon, some sweet pineapple and a little vanilla as a back note, it’s a wonderful dram to just sit and nose.
Palate. Now, I’ve diluted this to, I’m guessing, between 45 and 50% now you can drink this anyway you want but you won’t be tasting much with that numb mouth of yours if you don’t dilute it a bit. sorry, onto how it tastes, even watered down there is a huge burst of vanilla, oak and and almost mulled wine feel, oranges and cloves, brown sugar and morning rolls, it’s a sugar puff sandwich of a dram, yeah sugar puff sandwich and no, fuck you.
Finish. Oak, cloves and orange honey and last forever.
This is a great dram, it’s one of my favourite whiskies of the year and for the price, and the fact it’s not even that hard to get hold of, well, it should be on everyone’s shopping list. Obviously the other versions might be different but I’ve read some very good things on the others so if you see it why not pick up a bottle? 
Oh and if anyone from Glenlivet’s masters read this, well drop all the shite, just drop it.
The Captain. 

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