Highland Queen 8 Year Old Blended Whisky 40%

There will be colour, there will be chill filtration but it’s an age statement blend which I picked up for £13 a bottle, let that sink in, £13 on offer in Asda, it would have to be dreadful for it not to be worth a punt, no?

Highland Queen is one of those brands you don’t really see all that much but they do a surprisingly large range including a thirty year old for under £150 which I’m going to try and get hold of.

This is designed to be consumed neat or with ice. I preferred it neat, it really doesn’t need water.

Nose. Fresh crisp green apples, ones that you’ve just washed, touch of spearmint, nice element of biscuity malt too.

Palate. Honey and vanilla, I’m going to suggest a mix of sherry and bourbon casks, there is a nice clean sherried fruit and sweetened stewed tea.

Finish. Relatively quick leaving a pleasant boiled sweets and plump raisins in the mouth.

A short and straightforward review but it’s a short and pretty straightforward dram too, it’s exactly the sort of whisky that you could have as a starter to a tasting session to get yourself in the mood and it’s nice for those times when you just want to sit and have a couple of drams with a mate or two.

The Captain.

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