Bowmore 9 Year Old Single Malt 40%

I wouldn’t normally pick up a bottle of Bowmore unless it was on offer and although I enjoyed the Small Batch Reserve I am really only replacing empty bottles with things I’ve not yet discovered so it was nice to see something new in a supermarket and it was only twenty quid so what’s not to love?

This has been matured in bourbon and sherry casks and finished in a sherry cask, according to the bottle, it’s bottled at 40% which I don’t have a massive problem with, especially at this price, and I’d guess it has some funky caramel added too.

This is obviously part of the Christmas price war extravaganza which sees supermarkets and mega whisky corporations have a sort of battle royale of price cutting and it really is the time of the year to stock up on your big brand favourites rather than wasting money on stuff no one needs anyway.

I am not sure I understand the logic of the 9 years Age Statement either, seems a bit of a gimmick unless someone can clarify this for me.

Nose. Soft smoke, none of the burning rubber that the small batch ended up having, salt and sweetness, burnt sugar almost treacle.

Palate. Raisins dipped in salted caramel that’s then been set on fire and thrown in the sea and then put in a bottle, the sweetness comes on through the peat and a touch of water adds apple, dried fruit and nut mix and some chilli.

Finish. Ash, a little tobacco and some sherry infused raisins and sadly over all too quickly.

This is pretty good stuff, it’s better than their other budget entry the Small Batch and at these prices I’d get involved if I were you. Oh and it’s “limited edition” too although I’m guessing limited to as many bottles as people can buy.

The Captain.

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