Gordon and MacPhail GM Rare Vintage, an evening with some very interesting fellows.

This isn’t a review as such and it’s not a detailed look at the recent Tweet Tasting I took part in either, it’s more of a reflection piece, if you’re looking for a more detailed review please look up the #GMRareVintage hashtag on Twitter.

I enjoy Tweet Tastings, it gives me a chance to experience whiskies I might not otherwise have the opportunity to try and assess and it’s good fun to have a virtual taste off and it allows me to get rather carried away with my thoughts as everyone involved are bouncing ideas off one another, it’s good fun.

I would like to think that I have a pretty decent palate, in blind taste tests I do okay and I’m pretty sure I know the difference between a bourbon and a Islay but this Tweet Tasting just blew my mind and I’m sure everyone else was equally blown away with the quality and taste experience we were having.

During the course of the evening my fellow Twitter Tasters, if that’s a thing, tried the following;

1. Balblair 1985
2. Glenlivet 1974
3. Glen Grant 1966
4. Strathisla 1965
5. Mortlach 1954

Now, read over them again and take it all in because I’ve just polished off the last of these and I’m still struggling to get my head around them.

There is a cracking wee video on YouTube by Charles Maclean talking about whether or not super expensive whiskies are better than the whiskies most of us drink and his conclusion is that they aren’t necessarily better but they are different, let me explain.

Most bottles of whiskies produced are young, they are certainly under 20 years old whereas the drinks on offer here are older some much much older and offer a very different experience to what the vast majority of us are used too as our regular sippers.

These whiskies have sweetness mixed with deep rich oak, leather and musk ooze out of these whiskies, the complexity and nuance can’t really be covered in something as fast paced as a Tweet Tasting and even going back to these and taking my time over each one I was just overwhelmed by how good these were and how different they were from what I normally drink, at one stage I think I said one of them was like being in a leather club full of musty bears, which no one needed to hear.

The Glenlivet was both unmistakably Glenlivet and also felt like it had been mixed with furniture polish, in a good way.

The Glen Grant though was stand out for me, it was just superb and on another level from any other Glen Grant even the excellent 20 year old I tried recently.

So there we have it, it was a glorious experience and I want to say thanks to those at Gordon and MacPhail for producing these fine drams and to Steve at the Whisky Wire for selecting me to take part and of course to all the other Tasters who helped through this fantastic experience.

The Captain.

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