Highland Park Fire Edition 45.2%

Yup, another release from Highland Park that you’ll probably never try, why not? Well because they’ve gone and put it in another wooden frame and it comes with art work and a beautifully designed glass bottle and it costs £190, sigh on.

But, let’s stick to the facts, if you’re a collector then of course you’ll lap this up, it’s limited to twenty eight thousand bottles and it’s a first for Highland Park as this whisky has been produced using refill port wine seasoned casks, bottled at 45.2% it’s fifteen years old.

Okay, so it’s expensive but unique, at least for Highland Park, so let’s get right in and see what it’s like.

Nose. Light smoke and port wine, obviously, strawberry bon bons, touch of vanilla, plain strong chocolate too and almost a salted caramel feel.

Palate. Smoky but not overwhelming, lots of orange rind and mincemeat (as in for Christmas mince pies not meat pies) warm oak, nutmeg and clove, bitter cherries,it’s a real Christmas dram this.

Finish. Medium finish length with lots of spice and citrus, and almost mulled wine feel.

It’s another wonderful pour, everything about this screams Christmas but I can’t help but think that if I was spending nearly two hundred pounds on Highland Park I would be buying a bottle of the glorious 18 Year Old a bottle of the 15 Year Old and a bottle of the 12 Year Old, see what I mean?

All that said if you see it in a bar then it’s an interesting experience and worth trying.

Thanks to the chaps at Highland Park for a sample.

The Captain.

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