Glen Marnoch 28 Year Old Single Malt 43.4% From Aldi

The arms race is heating up and once again the main Supermarkets are losing ground in the whisky stakes to Aldi and Lidl as both issued another bunch of top drawer whiskies, port, cognac and other lovely lovely Christmas goodies. Remember though whisky is for life not just for Christmas.

I’ll be honest, last year Aldi, who produce the better year round range of whiskies, were rather silent over the Christmas period although they had previously brought some aged and half decent drams and Lidl were just outstanding with their Ben Bracken and Glen Alba single malts and blends and Lidl have once again brought out a new special with a 27 Year Old Single Malt and a re launch of their blends but now Aldi have raised the bar once again with an absolute stonker of a dram which is just, well, read on.
Glen Marnoch is the made up name Aldi put on their whiskies, I’m okay with this although to be honest I’d prefer just Aldi 28 Year Old Single Malt from Speyside, I’d be happy with that but I understand the reasoning behind it. Now I was lucky enough to receive a sample of this from Aldi’s marketing lovelies.

On with the review  

Nose. A sherry monster, huge booze soaked sultanas and raisins, dark chocolate, a delicate smoke, almost tobacco, cherries, damson jam, licorice, old leather books and a wee bit of malt loaf smeared in butter.
Palate. The sherried fruit gives way to marzipan, weak coffee, more chocolate, and a hint of leather polish or what I imagine leather polish would taste of if it were edible, burnt sugar, very dark toffee slowly turning into treacle.
Finish. Warm, lasting with a lovely treacle and marzipan taste. 
This is excellent, I have already gone out and bought two bottles of this and I suggest you do the same.
I’d love to see this as a part of the Aldi core range especially at the price of under forty pounds but sadly this won’t be around for long but well done Aldi none the less.
The Captain.

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