The Captain’s yearly guide to buying whisky at Christmas

I could just re post last years version but to be honest that’s just lazy and I’m going down a slightly different route than I did last year in that I won’t be pointing out specific whisky deals rather I’ll be telling you how I stock up over the Christmas period.

1. Supermarkets. 
Supermarkets go bananas at Christmas, you’ll see massive savings on bottles from probably the middle of November until after the New Year. The big players work with the suppliers to offer anything up to 50% off a bottle, I think the best deal last year was picking up a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon in Asda for fifteen quid and Ardbeg 10 in Sainsbury’s for thrity six but there are many many other offers and my advice is check out the deals online and then go for the kill because people do bulk buy.
2. Discount Supermarkets.
 Lidl and Aldi will be there or thereabouts, some Lidl stores are already stocking more of their aged Glen Alba and Ben Bracken range where you can get a 22 year old Islay Single Malt for fifty quid, I reviewed most of them last year and all did well, you even see some of them at auction which does surprise me although I’m now so jaded almost nothing surprises me anymore.
3. Amazon. 
Last year I saved a fortune using Amazon, get yourself a Prime membership and on the week of the Black Friday deals, Today is the kick off date this year, go nuts. I picked up four bottles last year and probably saved over a hundred quid, last year was superb, it’s well worth checking out.

Now please remember that I’m talking about stocking up, I’m guessing most people who read my ramblings have at least a small whisky collection going on and this is the right time of year to build on that, I bought probably a dozen bottles over the Christmas period and probably saved the equivalent of three full bottles in terms of savings. 

Merry Christmas when it comes.
The Captain.

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