Edinburgh Whisky Auchenstoshan 18 year old 46%

It’s been a busy old year for Edinburgh Whisky, the new and exciting blenders and Independent bottler have been working their little socks off to bring us all a new blended malt and in the last few months not one but two new single cask bottles this one from Auchenstoshan the Lowland distillery based just outside Glasgow in the sunny picturesque village of Clydebank.

This is bottled at 46% is single cask is limited to 227 bottles and it’s all natural colour and none of your chill filtration and costs £85.

I sampled this neat and with a little water and preferred it with a touch of water.

I’ll also note here that it needs a good fifteen minutes in the glass to open up properly.

I received a sample from Edinburgh Whisky and I’ve also got a bottle on order.

This is my first Auchenstoshan review, I’m not a massive fan of the 12 year old and although the American Oak and Three Wood are okay I’ve just never picked up a bottle to actually bother reviewing but I’ll no doubt see a bottle on offer over Christmas so I’ll go back and give them a go off the back of trying this.

Nose. Initial vanilla, strong oak flavour and and treacle fudge, is treacle fudge a thing? If not why not? I got some charred barrel too although the liquid is very light it reminds me of one of those massive heavy hitting bourbons, clove, ginger and all spice linger about too.

Palate. Nice mulled wine vibe, spiced orange, clove and a touch of Hazelnut chocolate spread and some fresh ginger.

Finish. As with many older whiskies I find the finish is excellent, long lasting with some orange and oak come on.

I’d try and get this quick if it sounds up your tree because it won’t be around for long.

2017 should be a good year for Edinburgh Whisky, I’ll keep you all informed.

The Captain.

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