Jack Daniels Master Distiller Series Volume 3.

Aye, that’s right, Jack Daniels, but not the standard God awful bottle you see in every supermarket, small off licence and bar in the world made famous by it’s admittedly superb brand profile and rock star image, give them their due, they know how to promote their product to the point where a bottle of Jack is as much a lifestyle purchase as it is a drink.

This is very different, it’s the Master Distiller Series Volume 3 bottled at 43% and I bought this in an airport using up Turkish Lira and paid about fifteen quid for it, so even if it was poor it would still be okay considering how much I paid.
Nose, this is very different from Jack Daniels, it’s pretty much a different drink altogether, there is none of that depressing wood and airfix spray glue you get with Jack Daniels it smell far more like a bourbon and is all the better for it, so yeah, vanilla, smashed black pepper corns, golden syrup and honey. A touch of water and a little charcoal come out but not much.
Palate. Yeah, this a bourbon now, vanilla and honeycomb, I read an article on this recently and someone said it tastes a lot like standard JD, it tastes fuck all like standard JD it’s only downside is that it’s a little two sweet with a mild burn.
Finish. Quick and simple, it’s a decent if forgettable finish which leaves sweetness lying around for a few minutes before you’re back for more.
This is the only Jack Daniels I’ve tired that I’ve really liked, I would take this with a touch of water or an ice ball if you must but I certainly wouldn’t mix it, it’s perhaps a little too sweet for some, it’s a bit too sweet for me if I’m honest but I’d drink it as a night cap when I’m not wanting to think too hard about what I’m drinking and it’d be great for sharing at a barbecue which is exactly what I’ll be doing with this bottle. 
If you find this on offer, anything under twenty five pounds for a normal bottle then I’d say it’s worth the punt.
The Captain.


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