Wood’s Navy Rum 57%

I bought this after watching the Twitter Tasting, I like rum although I’m hardly an expert and I’ve probably been drinking dark rum and coke since well, let’s just say before I was supposed too.

I picked this up for twenty pounds, yes twenty pounds in Morrisons and it’s bottled at a staggering 57% which is what I like to see.
Wood’s Navy rum is a traditional rum made from Guyana rums from Demerara black strap Molasses if you’re interested in that sort of thing.
I have played about with this, I’ve tried it straight and it’s surprisingly easy drinking for something so strong, I’ve tried with ice, which was okay and I’ve added a touch of water. I think out of these ice works best but use a big slow melting cube. 
Cocktail wise it’s great with cola and a slice of lime and works a treat with vermouth.
My review is based on drinking this with a splash of water.
Nose. MOLASSES AND TREACLE so so much of this it’s a little overwhelming and not in a bad way, a hint of strong black coffee and licorice, this is a big hitting drink.
Palate. Sweet and strong burnt sugar, blackberry and licorice, spicy treacle, I don’t know if spicy treacle is a thing but if it is then it’ll taste like this, It’s not a mild mannered drink.
Finish. A sweet burn, quick and warming.
This is a great drink for mixing and as an occasional sipper with an ice ball, it’s a great price for what it is and if you like your rum and coke then I’d spend the extra few quid to get this over say Captain Morgan or OVD.
The Captain.

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  1. Sounds like a nice big little rum for a very nice price. I'll see if I can find this. I need some lower priced pours to cut the daily whisky expense. Always a great read, Captain John!


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