The King’s Ginger 41%

The what? The term “ginger” in Glasgow means fizzy juice, any fizzy juice, it’s very confusing if you’re not from Glasgow and you’re constantly being offered ginger left right and centre and then this, an actual alcoholic drink called ginger, it’s just not fair.

Anyway enough of my nonsense, The King’s Ginger is named after King Edward VII for whom Berry Bros created the drink to imbibe the King whilst he was out shooting or driving about in his new horseless carriage, there you go. 
This is a very interesting drink, I normally stick to Drambuie, it’s enjoyable to drink, it’s very easy to find and it’s often on offer around Christmas and it mixes well with loads of different cocktails, it’s braw but here I am staring at the black bottle with the classy label, because everything Berry Bros does is classy let’s be honest, I buy wine from them every now and again and they do know how to make their bottles look nice, and I’m wondering what this elixir holds for me?
It’s a thick drink, it’s oozes out of the bottle and is a light golden colour, it’s bottled at 41% and I’ve no idea what’s actually in it.
Nose. A strong hit of Ginger and lemon oil a slight medicinal note with a little bit of alcohol bite too it.
Palate. Sweet and powerful, there is an alcohol burn but the power of the ginger and the sweetness of the lemon and sugars make it a very interesting experience.
Finish. Just warm ginger and it last forever.
Now, that’s it neat and it’s certainly something you can have neat or with a cube of ice but in cocktails it is superb, it brings a dull fizz to gingery life, it adds fire and punch to ginger beer and it even works well with cola and lemonade and made me snooze after using it in a hot toddy.
Give this a go if you see it in Tesco or online, it’s glorious and very different to anything else I’ve ever had.
The Captain. 


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