Texas Legation Texan Bourbon Whiskey from Ironroot Republic and Berry Bros and Rudd 46%

A very long winded title there Big Chap I hear you say and yes it’s pretty long winded but let me tell you why.

Still with me? Of course you are, so Ironroot Republic are a Texan Distillery using locally sourced grain and are currently selling a gin, a moonshine and a vodka to keep things ticking over oh and they’ve also produced a bourbon which is being sold exclusively through Berry Bros and only to UK customers, go figure.
Texas Legation comes from the time Texas feared being over run by neighbouring Mexico and as a free state wished to stay free from both Mexico and the United States, Texas was at one time supported by the British who wished it to remain an independent state and the Legation, and indeed a Texan Embassy was supposed to mean both trade and military support, so there you go, everyday is a school day.  
If you’d like to see more about Iron Root Republic and the Likarish brothers then go here and you can buy this from Berry Bros here.
This is batch number 1 and is limited to 2000 bottles which to be honest with you I’m surprised no one involved is making more of a thing of.
Nose. It young and punchy, reminds me of Balcones, maybe it’s something in the Texan air although Texas is a very place. Vanilla and toffee, over ripe bananas and then if left in the glass long enough a strong brown sugar almost treacle note comes through, almost rum like.
Palate. Toffee apples, toffee sauce, that almost burnt brown sugar cooked in butter but with with a chilli heat lingering, a little oak comes on later on and a touch a smoke from the charring. 
Finish, Medium finish with a punch, touch of heat and the warm toffee lingers.
It’s an intense and fiery drink, it’s settles well with a drop of water and is cracking with ice, I am enjoying one of the bottles I bought and I think I’ll wait until batch 2 comes out before I think about opening the second one.
The Captain.

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