Mellow Corn Straight Corn Whiskey 50%

When’s a whiskey in America not a bourbon? There are a couple of things, Bourbon must be aged in charred barrels made from new American oak, and must be aged for at least four years, corn whisky doesn’t actually need any maturation at all although Mellow Corn is aged but in used barrels.

Mellow Corn is bottled in bond too, want to know a little bit about that? Well you can read about it here, and you totally should. 
Mellow Corn is bottled at 50% if you want to know that, I tried this thanks to a whisky swap and I have a bottle which cost under thirty notes. This was tried neat and with a drop of water and with ice and ice kills it dead in my opinion, but then it’s all about opinions isn’t it?
Nose. Vanilla and corn, think of grain whisky here, there’s also a touch of orange honey and maybe some lavender but only a petal or two, water brings out lemon and lime peel along with toffee.

Palate. Toffee with orange honey again, rich corn, like buttery popcorn, the orange comes back and it settles into a orange sweetie feel.

Finish. Surprising for a whiskey bottled at 50% there is no burn, maybe my mouth and throat are just used to it these days, a little burnt toffee lingers for a bit and then disappears just before I take another sip.

It’s a fair and honest dram this, it’s straightforward and none too complex, I suspect it might work well in cocktails and is very good value for money if you can find it in a local specialist or online.

The Captain.

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