Compass Box Spice Tree Extravaganza 46%

Extraordinary stuff this Extravaganza,  effervescent, energetic and expensive so is it worth it?

Another Compass Box, this time a turbo charged version of the classic Spice Tree, now, ten years ago the original Spice Tree got Compass Box into a spot of bother because they admitted they used inner staves to help jog along maturation, I’m pretty sure other firms did and do this too but Compass Box admitted it and we all know where honesty gets you in the whisky business.
This is bottled at 46% and is all natural and if you want to know more about the make up of this blended malt then you should email and you totally should.
Nose. This is more robust than the current version, richer and full of sherry notes, white wine, strawberries and peaches, I also detect a touch of raw tobacco too, as in not been lit yet.
Palate. Oak and sherry at first then tinned pears and sweet white grapes, more of that tobacco again and a little bit of stewed breakfast tea. 
Finish. More sherry, sherried fruit lingers a bit, nice little touch of boiled sweets too.
So is it worth buying? It’s a hundred pounds or thereabouts and for that you could almost buy one of the original bottles of Spice Tree at auction and a bottle of the current normal version of Spice Tree which is excellent but this is a different expression and enjoyable so maybe, up to you, as always.
Thanks to the lovely people at Compass Box for the sample and I have bought a bottle for the collection, next year I might do a comparison between all three Spice Tree expressions, if you’re lucky.
The Captain.

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