Kilkerran 12 Year old 46%

Kilkerran is part of the Mitchell family stable most well known for the fabulous Springbank whisky distillery on Campbeltown and this 12 year old bottled at 46% and cost under forty pounds which is very much why I’ve bought a couple of bottles after receiving a sample from one of my whisky friends.

Nose. Nice and relaxed peat, barley sweets and that freshly prepared candy floss, touch of cinnamon, vanilla and bread and butter pudding come through if you leave it for twenty minutes.
Palate. Freshly washed green apples, stewed fruit, sweet porridge which releases a lovely sweet smoke and brine comes on too, black pepper on Strawberries, honey flapjacks.
Finish. Simple and relaxed, the smoke lingers with a lovely sweetness.
This is lovely whisky, it’s easy to drink and has a lot going on and, and this is important, it’s cheap, this is thirty five pounds a bottle, if you like whisky with some lovely smoke, brine and sweetness happening then you need this bottle.
The Captain.

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