Grant’s Ale Cask 40%

Grant’s have decided to offer a range of different cask whiskies to run alongside their standard bottle and this Ale Cask is like the Signature and Sherry Cask whiskies I’ll be reviewing is often on offer, I am reviewing as part of a sample pack I received as part of a Twitter Tasting so that’s to William Grant and Sons and Steve at Twitter Tastings for the pack.

This is bottled at 40% and if you fancy a bottle I’d suggest waiting until you see it on offer, anything from fourteen to sixteen quid is a fair price. I took this with a dash of water and it came up trumps.
Nose. Young as you’d expect from modern blends at the cheaper end of the scale,  malty, a hint of yeast extract spread, oak, a touch of honey.
Palate. More yeast extract and a strong ale flavour for sure, almost a stout. sweet and honey like too, from the grain I’d say. Easy drinking if you like ale.
Finish. A mild ale now, stays a while, sweet too honey, bitter chocolate and sweetened apple juice.
This is decent and not everyone can afford expensive whisky and this is worth buying if you can find a bottle on offer. 
One last note regarding the taste, this is more complex than some blended whiskies at this sort of price, it would be ideal to perhaps buy a mini of this and stack it beside the standard bottling to see the difference and learn a bit without breaking the bank.
This also goes surprisingly well alongside dark chocolate ice cream which I had the other night.
The Captain. 

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