Compass Box 3 Year Old Deluxe Whisky

A three year old whisky for two hundred pounds? Sounds expensive does it not, but then who knows how old the latest wooden boxed, bejeweled crystal decanter limited edition from your favourite distillery owning mega corp is, do we? No, of course we don’t.

Of course this isn’t really a three year old whisky either, not really. Those cheeky chaps at Compass Box are bringing us another superb whisky and another wee dig at the lack of transparency which is dragging our beloved spirit down.
So what it is then? Well there is some three old whisky involved 0.4% of young Clynelish so yeah, fair enough, but then we also have some lovely old Talisker and the remaining 90%ish is made up from much much older Clynelish, if you want to know the all the exactness of it all you should totally email Compass Box
These though are my thoughts on the 3 Year Old Deluxe Whisky which is bottled at 49.2%.
Nose. Light smoke and something akin to walking past a petrol station, I say this because saying petrol is way too cruel, settles into fruit after ten minutes in the glass with a touch of water, kumquat at first then green apples and then sweetness like ice sugar and sugared almonds.
Palate. Peat and salt, there is some Talisker here after all, more orange and a touch of lime too, a touch of tobacco and toffee.
Finish. Orange and toffee with the tobacco note lingers.
Magic stuff, this is an excellent whisky and it’s also expensive when I asked Mrs Apocalypse to unlock the Whisky Credit Card from the vault she nearly passed out when I told her it was to buy a two hundred pounds bottle of whisky, obviously shoes are far more important, but remember this whisky tells a story and it may well in years to come be part of a story that changes whisky, let’s hope so, and Mrs A soon recovered. 
Thank you to Compass Box for providing the sample.
The Captain.

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