Whisky Podcast

I’m considering doing a Whisky and other spirits based podcast for the following reasons.

1. I think it would be fun, I would send out a few samples and we could all taste at the same time, I would get stuff that’s maybe a bit off centre to inject a little fun into things.
2. I never socialise and don’t really want to either, my wife and friends will all testify to the fact that I pretty much never leave the house if I don’t have too for work and find being in bars a pain in the arse, it’s other people, I basically don’t like other people I don’t know.
3. Whilst point 2. is a valid point I love to drink and talk about whisky and I love to share my whiskies with the friends I don’t have and don’t socialise with so this seems as good a way as any.
So, my plan is to do a couple of podcasts via Skype, I would prepare notes to lead the podcast because sometimes podcasts can end up being rambling bollocks but I’d leave it open to wander slightly.
If anyone fancies this please let me know and I’ll figure out what to do next, it doesn’t have to be an actual tasting it could just be a semi organised chat about spirits with loads of swearing, you don’t need to be a blogger or any of that, just anyone who fancies talking shit over Skype for half an hour and doesn’t then mind me editing out all your funny one liners so I appear to be a smooth and seamless orator and you appear to be the bumbling humblebums we all know you are.
The Captain.
Oh and I’ll be leaving this up for a week or two then pulling it.

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