Port Askaig 15 Year Old Sherry Cask 45.8%

Something new from me here and thanks to Port Askaig and Steve at the Whisky Wire for sorting out the samples.

Port Askaig isn’t really on my radar, I’ve only tried them a couple of times but it’s not because I don’t enjoy them, I wouldn’t be recommending one on here if I didn’t, it’s just that I tend to get most of my whiskies via the Supermarket, auction or swaps with others and clearly most of the people on my swap list are similar to me.

Oh and Port Askaig isn’t a distillery, it’s a place and the whisky used isn’t known.

So here we go with the 15 Year Old Sherry Cask number bottled at 45.8% which is very Talisker, isn’t it?

I found this worked best with a drop of water and left alone for five minutes.

Nose. Mellow smoke, rubbery and sort of plastic wrapping, tar and a hint of smoked fish. It’s not a bruising Islay number though, everything is more relaxed, there is honey too, green tea, floral notes too, a real mixture of smoke and sweetness.

Palate. Soft peat and ash, rubber but then sweetness, barely sugars, brine and pineapple chunks. The sherry cask evolves with water to bring out honey, vanilla and almost burnt toffee.

Finish. Stays a while, a touch of ash with honey and vanilla.

This is around seventy five quid which is reasonably expensive and of course there is a lot of Islay whisky kicking about so would I buy a bottle? I think in the future I would, it’s offering something a little different with the relaxed peat and sherry style although I prefer my Islay whiskies a little but younger.

Oh, and where do I think the whisky comes from? Well I kinda thought Lagavulin but then I thought Caol Ila and finally Ardbeg, but I dunno, why not buy a bottle and tell me.

The Captain.

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