Glenfiddich XX Experimental Release 47%

Imagine trying to get twenty people to invent a whisky, well that’s what Glenfiddich have done for one of their two inaugural Experimental Range releases.

An interesting idea, bring in brand ambassadors from all over the world to work with Master Blender Brian Kinsman to create an all new experience.
The Glenfiddich XX, named after the number of people involved rather than any age statement, is around fifty pounds and is bottled at 47% which is hefty if you’re used to the standard range of Glenfiddich.
If you’d like to read in depth about the project go here, and it’s worth it. 
Nose. Oh so fruity, raisins and oranges, real Christmas cake mix, vanilla, thick whipping cream and autumnal leaves, yeah that’s right, autumnal leaves. 
Palate. Orange and plump sultanas with a hint of bitters about it, would make a great old fashioned, baked apple pie, lots of almost burnt sugar, fudge and crushed brazil nuts, a touch of wood too, virgin oak maybe.
Finish. Warm and long lasting, rum and raisin with a touch of chocolate about it.
A very pleasant dram and about fifty quid from your local whisky retailer. 
Now, the main suggestion for mixing this is to go all Margarita and stick some salt on the edge of the glass to change the flavour, did it work? Well I thought that with the IPA and orange peel mix you really got another level of flavour but here it was more subtle it didn’t turn the drink into a glass of Talisker or anything more a gentle release of more fruit, perhaps turning the burnt sugar taste to something more like the fudge on the nose, personal choice but worth a go if you’ve got a whole bottle.
The Captain.

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