Another twist in the Compass Box Transparency tale.

A wee while back Compass Box those masters of the blended malt decided that as part of a two whisky release they would tell customers the exact make up of their product.

They got into trouble for this and had to take the age statement from all bar the youngest component, wee bit of clever marketing? Maybe, massive over reaction from the Scotch Whisky Association and whoever complained? Yeah, I’d say so.
Now, I’ll say here and now, for the umpteenth and last time, that I’m well aware of the rules and that I still don’t care, it was a dick move to force Compass Box to remove the ages of every whisky used.
Then Compass Box brought us the Enlightenment and The Circus, wee dig at the SWA and whoever complained? Probably, funny? Yes, Tasty whisky? Word.
And now two more releases, the first is the Spice Tree Extravaganza which I’ll review when I buy a bottle or get a swap and the Three Year Old Deluxe.
Three Year Old Deluxe, the youngest component is 1% of a 3 year old something then 99% much much older other stuff with the joke again laid squarely at the foot of the big boys. 
Not only that but Compass Box are offering another bit of consumer advice in that if you email them they will tell you the exact age statement of all the whiskies involved on a one to one basis, clever huh?

Feel free to email Compass Box at

This is fine move and I applaud them.
The Captain.

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