Edinburgh Whisky Blended Malt 46% Peated version "Surgeon’s Ball"

I do my best not to be a total fanboy of any company it’s not healthy for the blog to have some reviews more sparkly than others but three companies produce honest, quality and well priced whisky time after time it’s hard not to be a bit fawning.

Compass Box and Balcones are two of them and Edinburgh Whisky is the third, maybe it’s beginners luck but so far the three Private Stock Library Collection Single Malts have been both interesting and enjoyable whiskies and first of their blended malts was a joy.
And so here we are, a sub fifty quid blended malt using Highland malts and giving us a distinct peaty edge, bottled at 46% with no colour added and no chill filtration which everybody likes, right? Right.
Now I got a sample of this and I’ve picked up a bottle for future dramming, just to keep things right.
Nose. Freshly made candy floss and cinder, lemon sherbet boiled sweets, sticky sweet barbecue sauce on pork belly that’s a bit burnt, who doesn’t love that?
Palate. Peat and sweet toffee at first, lemons and orange honey later, roasted hazelnuts and chestnuts too with a touch of pepper, beeswax.
Finish. Long and creamy, the lemon sherbet and cinder lasts a good while, pretty much until I take another mouthful.
This is a company just starting its whisky voyage and they aren’t in it for the big bucks, which is just as well, but they are in it to give Edinburgh some of its whisky heritage back and to offer honest and proper stand up whisky with no gimmicks and so little marketing it’s actually hard to get a couple of bloody bottle pictures off them and good luck to them.
This is available from the Whiski Shop in Edinburgh and other places as well.
The Captain.

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