Glenfiddich Experimental Series IPA Finish, Orange in an optional extra.

Glenfiddich Experimental Series Number 01, IPA Finish 43%

I’ve never done a Glenfiddich review which is strange because I’ve had my fair share over the years and they’ve never done anything that’s unpleasant but perhaps I’ve tried to be cool and not focus on the big boys, well now I have six bottles of Glenfiddich including two bottles from the early 80s so expect to see a handful of reviews by the start of next year.

So Glenfiddich, that most famous of Single Malt whiskies, I doubt there is a supermarket or off sales which sells spirits anywhere in the whisky world that doesn’t sell one expression or another and a bottle to suit every budget with the entry level 12 Year Old often on discount it’s where many a whisky drinker starts their journey.
So instead of looking at one of their core range I’m going to look at a new expression, part of the Experimental series which launched last month to much whisky fanfare.
Now, I believe in keeping my posts short and sweet so if you want to read more about the experimental range then look here.
What I will say though is that Glenfiddich are asking their customers to experiment with the whiskies in much the same way they themselves have experimented in preparing these drams. And with that in mind I will be reviewing this whisky both with my usual half a teaspoon of water and, yes honestly, Orange.
So what they’ve done here is hand over some Glenfiddich barrels to a craft brewery, they’ve gone all hipster IPA on them and then given the barrels back to then have whisky added to create this Whisky cask IPA whisky, get it? It’s really two for the price of one because the craft IPA Whisky finish is another product to enjoy. 
Nose. It’s light and fresh, If pushed I would have said a white wine finish rather than ale, toffee and apples and then an ale note after fifteen minutes in the glass, tinned pineapple and orange rind.
Palate. Much more ale here, it’s hop tastic, malty too, more citrus, more toffee, cream soda and a touch of bitterness that you’d expect from an ale cask, that said it’s more subtle than other finished whiskies.
Finish. Malt and coffee, more cream soda, medium lasting.
Okay, so with some orange peel which I’ve ran along the edge of the glass, twisted in and left in the glass for a couple of minutes.
Now the idea here isn’t to mask the whisky it’s to bring out the flavours like water does.
Obviously the nose just becomes orange but it also brings out some more ale notes and actually moves toward a more ale cask feel. Palate wise again citrus but not just orange, lemon, lime, pineapple and also a distinctive apple taste, like apple sweets. 
Interesting stuff indeed, it’s worth a punt if you like IPA and you like Glenfiddich in general, it’s around £45 which isn’t bad these days.
Thanks to the chaps at Glenfiddich for the cool box of whisky, fruit and salt.
Come back next week for the review of the XX with added salt, yes, salt.
The Captain.

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