Edinburgh Whisky Glen Grant 20 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 46%

Have you walked into an old library or Church? That smell, the smell of age? Did you like that smell? Then you’ll like this.

Edinburgh Whisky are a new and exciting blender and bottler you can read about them here and you should because they are producing some very decent, well priced and honest whisky.

This is the third Library Collection release the other two have been both reviewed here and here.

This Glen Grant is part of their Library Collection, is aged twenty years and comes from FF Bourbon Hogsheads and is 46%, natural colour and non chill filtered, Single Cask and it’s just under a hundred quid a bottle.
Nose. My first impression is burnt out pipe tobacco and worn in, or should that be out, leather, old dusty books and a sort of mushroomy or mold note, not I might add in a bad way. A touch of water brings out honey and over ripe banana, polish and a little sweetness but more marzipan than candyfloss. This is very complex, I have taken sips of this over three separate evenings and prefer it with water.
Palate. Good quality maple syrup, tobacco and white pepper, stewed tea, pineapple sweets, baked banana. It’s a savory dram this, the sweetness is there but it’s a darker feel to it, deep and luxurious.

Finish. Long, sweetness is more prominent with smoke and ash and pineapple and baked fruit lingering forever.

I received a sample of this and I’ve also ordered a bottle, it’s a spectacular whisky and under a hundred quid is an exceptional price too.

The Captain.


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