Coming up over the next few months.

First day of Autumn today. To be honest it’s hard to figure out the seasons in Scotland, you get snow in July and it’s pure taps aff in October but nonetheless it’s the first day of Autumn so I thought I’d fill you all in on what’s coming up Whisky Apocalypse wise over the next few months.

Twitter Tastings will be happening, Glen Moray is up first and I’ll be following the Twitter Tasting up with full reviews over September and October.
Loch Lomond Single Grain Flash Blog coming up along with several other whisky bloggers, look out for the Twitter Hastag #LochLomond and I’ll also be putting up my review and sharing many others on Facebook.
Edinburgh Whisky. Two more yummy bottles coming from Edinburgh Whisky, a new Blended Malt to sit alongside their other and the very reasonably priced 20 Year Old Glen Grant.

Glendfiddich are releasing two more expressions and both are coming to Apocalypse Towers and both will be getting a write up as part of a more extensive Glenfiddich series in which I’ll be cracking open a bottle of the old school Pure Malt as well as two of the core range.

I’ll also be reviewing whiskies from Glenlivet, Kilkerran, Mellow Corn and two more from Grant’s.
Is that enough?
So that’s got September and October covered, November and December will see me exploring Highland Park and of course my annual trawl around the Supermarkets for the best Christmas deals, yeah, it’s September and I’ve mentioned Christmas.
The Captain. 

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